Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hannah in Vintage Dress

My Grandma Pearl's sister Aunt Gen used to make these cute dresses that are actually vintage pillowcases with a onesie on top. They are beautiful! When Hannah was born she sent one for her to wear when she got big enough. well yesterday we had her put it on and take pictures. She's into jumping big time and takes it seriously like it's an olympic sport so I got a really cute one of her jumping off her toy box. Anyhow here are the pics.

Haven't posted in Awhile

Sorry all bloggers but we have been a little swamped since Ethan arrived home. He came home 3 weeks ago tomorrow and this is the first chance I have had to update with the good news. He is doing well but as expected no one is sleeping around here. Between him and Hannah we have out hands full! My Grandma Sharon and Ryan's Mom Lynn have been coming and helping us out and that has made it easier in the days but the nights are all us and it has been a real challenge to get used to. We are so lucky he came home healthy and we have been blessed with not one but two miracles. I wanted to post some pics of him so you could see what he looks like now. He is 9 lbs and growing bigger each day. Hannah is turning into quite the Mommy and helper too. She wants to give him his paci when he cries and she calls him Queaky for Squeaky b/c he squeaks a lot.