Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Life

As I am preparing to meet a new life that is growing inside of me I have come to realize, lately, with my Grandfather being ill, that life passes us by so fast and it will not be long before I too am on the way out of this life as he is perhaps going to be very soon. It is weird because I look at pictures of him when I was about 7 years old and they don't seem very long ago when in fact it was a quarter of a century ago. Time passes on so quickly and all we have are photos for memories of what life used to be like. Thinking about my wedding five years ago when he stood on the stairs for the family photo to him slowly but surely declining in health over time seems astonishingly sudden. It also seemed so sudden when he was taken into the care of the nursing facility under hospice care but if you look at it over time it really wasn't that quickly at all. I just think that you don't know really what is missing sometimes until it is gone. Two weeks ago when all he could do was point to the pictures of us on the bulletin board and ask for us to show them to him, we thought this was a sure sign of decline. Then last week I said "I Love You Gramps" and he replied "I Love You". He couldn't lift his neck to look and see us though. We thought this was a rapid decline from the week prior. He now cannot even move his eyes to show us he knows it's us that is with him. We say now that this is definitely a decline. These are all declines of course from the prior week but we forget, of course, in our selfishness that he has lived about 75 good, long, healthy years. It is hard to not wish for more no matter who you are though because that is the human condition. It is hard not to be selfish when it is "our" loved ones. Then I think of my friend whose daughter was diagnosed with Stage 5 Neuroblastoma cancer before her daughter was even one. Every day is so important, we have to remember life is not a dress rehearsal. If you don't like the relationship your in, the job your in, who you are as a person, do not think for even a second that you can change it tomorrow because there are absolutely no guarantees that there will even be a tomorrow. I am not sure which process is more difficult, losing someone quickly and not being able to say goodbye and slowly process the idea that they will be gone, or losing someone over time and still never feeling that there is enough time left. I think it would be hard for me to understand death if I had no faith but since I do it is simple for me. Those whose bodies have failed them go on to live eternally with our Lord Jesus Christ if they have chosen him to be their Lord and Savior. These years, although they seemed so quick, pale in comparison to the rest of eternity with our Father in Heaven. I just think what a wonderful place that will be. Do you have someone you have lost whose memories live on with you? Please share who they were to you and what you remember fondly about them. I can still remember my Nana's hands with her pointer finger that her brother smashed when she was little, rolling out the dough to make the tortillas and how she never had to use tongs to flip her tortillas on the stove she just did it bare-handed.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's a ......................

Boy! Okay so now I need EVERYTHING! J/K Of course I have a lot from last time but no clothes and now I need furniture too, so it looks like I have a lot of saving and shopping to do. We could not be happier to add this new addition to our family and we now know Hannah is to be the only princess in this family. Which I am sure is how she likes it anyway : )

Friday, August 15, 2008

For those of you who voted.....

Please tell me why you either would or would not want your child's birthday on V-Day. I needs ta know!

My baby has gotten so big!

Okay so I always tell Hannah she's Mommy's baby no matter how old she gets. Looking at this picture just shows me in a year and a half how big she really has gotten. I still think even when she is a screaming teenager she will always be my baby! **The picture on the right is when she was 2 months old.

Hannah and Her Friends

So last week I had friends come over with their kids both Tues and Thurs and Hannah had a blast. The best pic is my friends' son Liam in the high heels riding the scooter. Hannah is growing up so fast. I think she will enjoy having another kid in the house and I have a feeling she will be a great big sister (as long as the next baby is the type that wants to be told what to do!) HA!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ok so I haven't really had any cravings until this week and then BAM it started. I want things like Fruity Pebbles (keep in mind I don't like cereal), strawberries, pluots, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread (so bad for you!) and anything breakfast oriented such as waffles, pancakes, etc. I also am bored of drinking water and cranberry juice. Anyone know of a good caffeine-free pregnancy drink? This pregnancy has been fairly easy now that I don't feel sick but I already get winded carrying Hannah everywhere. If I wait for her to walk up the stairs it will take us a half hour though! I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can start walking again!!!!!Hopefully in the next month it will taper off. I am not sure what I am having this time, some day I think girl and others I think boy. I haven't had dreams like I did with Hannah where I knew it was a girl. Ry thinks maybe boy and Hannah says Sister! But I think that is because she can't say the BR in brother. I will find out the first week of Sept. and will let everyone know then. By the way I picked out a really pretty necklace for my birthday that Ry picked up to give to me. It's not real diamonds but a really nice quality knockoff piece and you can't tell the difference! I promise, promise, promise, I will post pics today!!!!!!!!!

Here is a pic of my birthday necklace!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sorry I haven't Updated on SOO long

Well I had a wonderful time on my birthday. My mother in Law and sister in law watched Hannah and we went to my favorite restaurant to eat, Matsu. It is a Japanese restaurant with the best calamari & Ry doesn't even like calamari. He chows this stuff though. Matchbox 20 was great. We got to the concert just in time for their "radio song" set and so I knew all the songs. We stayed for about an hour and we got cotton candy & kettle corn on our way out so we had a lot of fun. Twas nice to get away for the evening. This last week I had friends come over to the house on Tues and Thursday, all in all 3 pregnant ladies and me! It's weird how people all get pregnant at the same time! We had a fun time with the kidlets and Hannah loved playing with friends. We can't wait for the Olympics to start b/c I love to watch the gymnastics and Ry loves the swimming. We will watch opening night tonight. Do you watch the Olympics? and what do you like best or worst about the Olympics? Thanks to all the name responses! I will post pics and video tonight on our adventures! Hope everyone is doing well.