Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My baby's been sick!

So I haven't updated lately b/c Hannah has been sick. She has been soo whiny and I finally broke down and said either she has something wrong with her or I have something wrong with me. Turns out she had a pretty bad ear infection. Now she is on Ibuprofen, Little Noses congestion drops, ear drops for pain, Amoxicillin, and Benadryl! I have to give her something what seems like every two hours. Well, life could be way worse and I definitely know that, but I feel bad for my little girl. Just when she started to feel better this morning she opened the cabinet and then proceeded to drop a very heavy dish on her toe and now it is all black and blue. She's had a terrible week. There will be a silver lining for me this week though - tomorrow night is mom's night out and we are doing pottery at a place called Painted Earth in Temecula. Should be fun. I'll do a post again after we go. Above is a cute pic of my little "Cinderella" before she got sick helping me clean the floors. Gotta teach em' early! J/K : )

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother's Day Campout

Ok so being the dork that I am, I bought a ticket to go to the Mother's Day campout at the San Diego Zoo. After receiving the confirmation via email I noticed that it said that we needed to bring sleeping bags. When I called to find out why they said that they provided cots inside tents and we would be sleeping on our sleeping bags on the cots. Well my comrade in this whole thing, my friend Amy, is four months prego right now and she planned to go with me. Just to be sure she called again the night before the sleepover to confirm this peculiar cot situation. As with the cot situation we were already tense because she is prego and already has trouble sleeping. well they told her they provided tents only. We sort of assumed that they meant like permanent tents like small cabins or something. We were especially surprised when we got to the "campsite" only to find tents that would be too small for one, I repeat, one, six foot tall man. We really about shit ourselves and started cracking up. I decided to take a picture of all our stuff next to this teeny tiny tent. We let the idea sink in and decided to have a good time nonetheless. There were some very interesting night walks we got to go on and some fun "mom" games they had planned for us so all in all the night went well. That is until we were supposed to go to sleep. The "zoo" noises that we thought we would hear like lions, elephants, etc were instead replaced by Amy Winehouse and an ambulance. Why?, you ask. Well simply because we were "camping" out next to a Middle School that was having a dance and we were a couple blocks from a hospital. So essentially between the music and the sirens and of course about 5 pee trips, not just Amy but me too since I used not only mine, but her drink tickets as well. Yeah, 3 Coronas and a bathroom 500 yards away outside the sleeping bag - not such a good idea. Anyhow, the funniest part of the evening was at our 4 am pee trip when we were washing our hands. This lady comes out of the toilet, hair all ratted, missing several teeth, she walks up to us and asks, "So, you guys having fun?" I'm like thinking to myself I haven't even slept yet and even if I was having a good time I don't want to talk about it now. So I go "Uh what?, um yeah", and I walk out. Amy said it was so funny because it was so obvious that I was bothered by someone striking up a convo at 4 am. Anyway we actually had a blast despite minor sleeping inconveniences but next year I'll think we'll be doing massages at the spa instead. Thanks Amy for being such a good sport - even prego and thanks to Ry for taking care of the mini-me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ry's employee got married in Mira Loma on Sat with the reception at Doubletree in Ontario. Ry's mom watched Hannah with his sister and Hannah did great. We had a blast like old times and got a small taste of what our trip to Las Vegas will be like in June. Can't wait! Thanks Lynn & Robyn!

Mother's Day Recap

We had reservations to go to the Rusty Pelican but even with our reservations it was still over an hour wait so we went to El Torito Grill instead. It was a blast and we took both our Mom's, which I am so thankful to be able to do, plus Ry's Nana . Here are some pics! also - i got a beautiful pendant from Ry for Mother's Day and it is Hannah's birthstone - Blue Topaz. I love my man! He's the best.

Happy Mothers Day!

Here is a shout out to all the mommas out there that are doing their job! Before I was a mom I had no idea of what it meant to really enjoy the little things in life. I thought having a college degree or a lovely house was the most you could want to achieve in your life to be proud of. After having my daughter, I have realized that if my daughter can be proud to have me as her mother then I have an accomplishment that will not only extend my life but hers as well. Motherhood is so hard because it is not a job you can learn to do well, it is not a job where you will receive a quarterly review or accolades or promotions, however, it is so important that it is done right for not only the sake of your children but for their children as well. What i mean by 'right" is trying your best to do the best that you can. Running that last mile in the 25 k run - only that last mile is always right out in front of you, but always having that extra energy and drive to want to finish first. It doesn't mean you will, but to feel like you can even when your down. This is what's it's like to be a "mother". We are shaping lives and in doing so teaching our children what they should expect and deserve for themselves for their lives. This direction was never given to me by my own mother. Being a "good mom" in my eyes is not about being perfect but instead in trying the hardest you can to do the best you can and always thinking in the best interest of your child. I use the words "good mom" loosely because I desire to be "great" at this "job" and luckily I have many moms to look at for inspiration. I know I will not always be liked and I know that I will have many decisions ahead of me that will not be easy to make, but I also know that when I die, I will be able to say, with conviction, "I was a good mom" and what I mean by this is that I tried my hardest to do the best for my child. I certainly hope my daughter will be able to say it about me too. This is definitely not a "job" for the weak or the faint of heart, but I can certainly say that my heart was never as full as it was today and I have never been more honored to be able to hold the title as CEO of my own company "Mom".

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Magazine Surprise!

Okay so about 2 months ago I submitted Hannah's pic to a local magazine in the area. If they like your pic they choose it as the pic of the day and from those pics they choose a winner for each month. Well, I never remembered to check to see if they picked her pic for the website but I got the magazine at My Gym (it's free!) as I do every month and low and behold the back cover flipped open as it was falling off my seat in my car and there she was. Ryan was with me and we were both soo surprised. Now if she wins at the end of the year out of the 12 that are picked she gets a prize and some money. I don't know if the magazine picks their favorite or people get to vote on it but either way I'll keep you posted. I've been thinking about it lately and maybe I should take a photography class??Perhaps I have some raw talent that has never been tapped into? : ) Or maybe it is because the subject was soo darn cute! - I know I'm biased. if you want to see the website for the mag go to