Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A wedding and two birthday parties

We had a really busy weekend this weekend starting with a wedding on Friday evening in wine country, Temecula. It was beautiful and thanks to Grammy Sharon we were able to go together and left the stinkbug at home. She did great for Grammy and Hannah even let her put her to bed! This is pretty monumental b/c Hannah fights sleep for everyone, including us. Saturday was a birthday party for Hannah's friend on our street Emily, who turned 2. Ryan really loved attending this one. His only comment when we got home was "two year old's should not have parties". Luckily for me he is an accountant and not a day care provider or we would be looking for a new occupation for him I think. Hannah wore her Halloween shoes that I bought for her. They are black and sparkly!!!!!!She is going to be a cat so I figured she could wear some sparkly shoes and if they still fit wear them for X-mas too! She picked them out herself and wanted to wear them to the party. On Sunday we celebrated Ryan's sister's b-day. It was a lot of fun and we ate some good Mexican food. We were all pooped come Monday and are still resting from the busy weekend. I go for my 20 week ultrasound next week and I will post an update on baby Ciucki then. Still no name though...........Maybe Colin or Aaron or Lyndon or Dylan, looks like it will probably be a name that ends in n, that's about the only consensus so far. I swear we'll name this one when we see him and that's about the only solution we'll come to. Hope all is well with everyone else. This weekend, the pumpkin patch!!!!!!!!!!Hooray

By the way some of the pics above are from Hannah today. She is quite the ham and when she sees the camera poses and smiles.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Amy and Dan's little angel, Kinsey Rose.

Although she came about 6 weeks early both Mommy and baby are doing very well. She was born weighing 5lbs and her length was 18 1/2 inches long. If she would have went all the way to term this would have been a big baby! She is beautiful and looks a lot like big sister Marley, except for a little different nose. I took a picture of her hair from the back because I think she may have curly hair like her mama! We are so happy for the whole family and I can't wait to see her again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun Day at the Pool!

So today I had three mommy friends come over with their babies for an end of summer pool party. It was a hot one, about 99 out, I couldn't believe it! It was supposed to be 88 but you know how that goes...Oh well. We had a blast. Everyone brought snacks and one of Hannah's boy friends, who also has a brother on the way, brought his boy doll, Hannah carried that thing everywhere! She was kissing and holding it, I think I need to bring one of her dolls with us when we go places. We have them at home but I can't believe how occupied she was by it. I have to find out exactly what kind of doll it was, its' eyes looked real, it was kinda creepy! I also had a surprising phone call this morning from a friend's mom who was not due until October 28th, she had to go in for an emergency c-section and she delivered her baby this morning. I was so surprised, but more so relieved to hear that mommy and baby are both doing fine. Baby weighed in at 5 lbs already! Can you imagine how big it would have been had she went six more weeks to term? I am so happy everyone is well. I will see the mommy and baby Saturday and if I am allowed to get a picture and mom says it is ok I will share with you then. Hope all is well and have a great weekend. I will post pics on Monday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Look how old my girl looks in this one!

Weekend Fun!

This last weekend my family that just moved here came by the house for a BBQ. It was alot of fun and we also went swimming at the pool. Hannah NEEDS to get in swimming lessons b/c she literally walks into the pool and keeps on walking until her head is underneath. Not a fear in the world about not knowing how to swim yet. Will not hold anyone's hand or listen either. Ryan had to carry her in the deep end and that was the only way she would be fearful when she couldn't touch the bottom. It was a great day and also soo nice to have more family living nearby too. So the name game.....I agree with the comment my cousin Laura made about it needing to be a traditional name like Hannah that is not soo common, the problem with this is that Ryan doesn't not really like traditional names for boys and ladies i may actually lose this abttle unless I can come up with something he hasn't already shot down. Out of all the names I posted last time the only one we "agreed" on was Anden as Ryan doesn't like Micah (I do!), the other two were just detractors. It will not end up being any of those names though as we are still on the hunt for the name that fits right and that we both LOVE!!!!. By the way, since it is a boy, he cares A LOT more about what the name will be! Inevitably this one will be up to him. If you know Ryan you know that there is no pressuring him either way into liking any name. BTW -Melissa, he does happen to like your brother's name Tayson! My favorite name right now is Brennen (I love, love, love, love it) but I have not yet be able to totally get Ryan on board b/c he feels that a double consonant looks too female in any name and I feel with one it just doesn't look right (Brenen). Let us know what you think about spelling. The pis are of Hannah and her second cousin Cayman playing and then Ry & Hannah at the duck pond on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lagging on posting

Okay so, so much has been going on that I haven't posted in awhile. First off Hannah had a bad spell of diarrhea followed by a rash on her chest and back supposedly called Roseola . Anyhow that has been followed by another cold that started with a runny nose and congestion that Ryan also caught this last weekend. All I can say is thank goodness I have not caught these as I am already tired enough! I am getting bigger and although I have not gained much weight yet I have a huge tummy already! I think the uterus has gone straight back to it's ending state of the last pregnancy! If this is any indication of how big I will be then I am going to have to be rolled into the L & D room! J/K! I have felt pretty good just real tired this time around. I wonder how I went to school and worked last time? Anyway I guess we just do what we have to when we have to right? Well if anyone has ideas on boy names, feel free to shoot any info. We have absolutely no name decided on yet. Although there are some potentials....Please vote! BTW Love this new pic of Hannah - she's soo serious!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


A friend that I met at a breastfeeding mom's group when I first had Hannah found out when her baby was 5 months old that her daughter had Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. She has kept us updated on her daughter's progress through a caring bridge website. Her daughter is doing well now despite being given a 20% chance of making it to 3 years old. Through Rady Children's Hospital in SD she became friends with a little boy named Max who was fighting the same horrible disease. He succumbed to the disease a few days ago on August 29th. With it being pediatric cancer month for the month of Sept. I encourage anyone who can to please donate. You can go to this site http://magicwater5milewalk.ning.com/ . Also if you are interested in seeing or reading about Max's battle, a photographer chronicled Max's battle with cancer to help raise awareness about what families go through that are batting this horrific disease. It is http://mashedpotatoesforbreakfast.blogspot.com/ I literally cried for an hour straight. We are soo lucky to have a healthy daughter. I thank God everyday.

Monday, September 1, 2008

We will miss you Gramps!

My Grandpa passed away this last Wednesday morning peacefully just before 10 am. Sunday, we had a celebration of his life at my Aunt & Uncles' home in Tustin. It was a really great day and although it was sad we know he is is a much better place now. He now can walk, talk, and enjoy all the things he used to in life. I will post pics of his wonderful program my Aunt Sue made and a pic of a shadowbox I created later today.

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you for all your well wishes,